This is our Historical path, from the beginning up to where we are now:


The beginning of the Path

Once at the beginning of the 50s, when sharp winter air put to sleep the campaign, the family Guerzoni prepared and salted the hams in the basement, put them to age at home, like in an ancient ritual, with the expertise that came from peasant tradition of the Po area. In that land of Emilia of hills where, as in all the agricultural civilisation, the preparation of meat was an essential part in the annual cycle of family life. Hands and soul processed pig parts with great care and passion as you do with precious things, what allows us to live better.

Time goes by

The grocers' family Guerzoni continues that tradition by adding new experiences, but with the same care and passion, because once the food preparation also meant dealing with people, with the earth, with the family. This is the essential ingredient that makes the difference between any product and one that also becomes an acknowledgment, a relation, a dialogue.


The Tradition Goes on

Even today we Guerzoni continue to produce unique pieces, each handled with the same care, in the right quantity allowing to offer the highest quality. The pig meat processing is an important part in the history of civilisation; therefore, for the family, offering a ham or other meat is a sign of sharing a precious commodity, a form of mutual understanding and acceptance. Our Grocery in addition to Prosciutto of Modena P.d.o., Our Land of Myth, offers other hams and a wide range of meats selected among the best Products which are products obtained by using prized meats. This high quality raw material is processed with still artisan processing to offer sausages which give the most exquisite pleasure of food and warmth of relations among human beings.

We prefer to produce a little, very little indeed.
F.lli Guerzoni